Friday, 5 July 2013

1955 - Industrial Landscape

Industrial Landscape 1955
Oil paint on Canvas
Support: 1143 x 1524 mm [Frame: 1410 x 1790 mm]
Tate Collection
This picture is typical of the panoramic cityscapes that Lowry painted throughout his career. Although it is an imaginary composition, elements of the view are recognisable as real places. For example, the Stockport Viaduct, which constantly haunted the artist, can be seen in the top left of the picture. But on the whole the image presents a generalised impression of the urban environment, dominated by smoking chimneys, factories, roads, bridges and industrial wasteland. As if to emphasise the human presence in this overwhelming, blackened city, Lowry focuses in on a small street in the foreground, almost inviting the viewer to join the small group of people going about their business. September 2004

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