Tuesday, 9 July 2013

1964 - Studies of People and Dogs

Studies of People and Dogs 1964
22.5 x 13.5 cm
Sold [July 2008] with Studies of People and Dogs with a Church for £14,400 including premium
Signed and Dated 'L S Lowry 1964/March 19.' (lower right)
Gifted by the artist to the father of the previous owner

The father of the previous owner was the manager of the Brooke House restaurant in Manchester where Lowry sometimes ate. Frequently engaging in humorous conversation, he asked Lowry about the state of Modern British Art and in particular his own style which was undoubtedly unique and instantly recognisable. Lowry tried to explain his style and the content of his work by drawing two pictures and inscribing 'Man', 'Dog' and 'Cat' underneath the various illustrations so that they were easily recognisable.

In 1971, whilst at the Brooke House restaurant, Lowry wrote a note to the son of the restaurant manager on the back of a menu wishing him all good wishes for his future happiness and success. This note is included as part of the lot.

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