Tuesday, 9 July 2013

1970 - On The Way To Allendale [x3]

On The Way To Allendale 1970
25 x 34.5 cm (x3)
Sold [March 2009] for £19,200 including premium

All three Inscribed with title (lower left), the third also Signed and Dated 'L.S. Lowry 1970' (lower right)

The artist
The Stone Gallery, Oxfordshire where purchased by former owners
Private Collection, U.K.

Allendale is a hilly area in Northumberland known for the extensive lead mines. Tilly Marshall, owner of The Stone Gallery, was friends with Lowry and often used to take him out driving with her husband. The concept for the present works stemmed from one such trip. Whilst on the road, Lowry saw these low rising hills and found inspiration. He began sketching on the spot and then later transformed his initial impressions into the present lot. Lowry was looking at the simple line of Ben Nicholson's work at the time and these three pictures clearly demonstrate his admiration. Beginning with quite a worked up example incorporating heavy shading, he then toys with composition in the second and finishes with a pure and minimalist end result, which he was proud to sign his name to.

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